Locate Your Attendees' Order Details

The Complete List offers a full account of your attendees' order date/time, ticket type and (if relevant) seat assignments or used Member Discount Codes. It also includes some contact details and responses to event questionnaires. 

How to View the Complete List

  1. Log in to your Brown Paper Tickets account
  2. Under the Reports Menu, select Attendee Lists
  3. Select the event from the drop down menu
    • Note: If an older event is not present, click the "show older events" link to the right
  4. Click Select Event
  5. Click Complete List from the column that lists 5 blue links:
    Door List   [Complete List]   Name Tags   Seat List   Chart
    • Have multiple dates? You can choose a single event date to view using the date drop down

Sorting Tip

The Complete List contains a lot of information! When you open it, it's sorted by delivery method, however, you can click on any column to sort ticket-buyer info by that criteria.

Editing Your Complete List

Notes can be added to your Complete or Attendee list. Check out our article on adding notes. If you'd like to edit any additional information, the list can be downloaded as a spreadsheet. Just select Download to create a sort-able document.

View Questionnaire Responses

If you included a questionnaire on your event, you can find the responses on the Complete List in the far right columns (you may need to scroll a bit). Answers will be listed under “Question 1,” “Question 2,” and so on.

Need to Reach Out to Your Attendees?

We generally recommend our Notification tool to update your ticket holders. However, if you need to reach out to a specific group, such as the VIP ticket-holders, you can find their contact details in the Complete List.