Send an Update to Your Attendees

Need to alert your attendees about a recent event change? Email your guests through your event management tools.

How to Send a Notification to Confirmed Attendees

  1. Log into your Brown Paper Tickets Account
  2. From the Account menu, select Manage Your Events
  3. Click GO! next to the event title
  4. Scroll down to Email Your Attendees and select a message Type.  We provide examples of useful information to include for different types of updates.  You may edit the message as needed before sending.

    If your event has more than one performance/date, you can send the message to ALL attendees, or select one date at a time to customize the message based on the performance they expect to attend

  5. Click Preview
  6. Click Send

This tool is intended for relaying information specific to this event, and is not meant for marketing or other uses as it may violate the CAN-SPAM Act and/or GDPR regulations.