When You Need to Postpone an Event

When plans change, we're here to help you through it.

Already Have a New Date?

Great! There are just a couple steps to take to get everything in order.

  1. Edit your old event date to reflect the new date
    • If needed, reactivate sales (located on the upper right of the date box)
  2. Use our Email Your Attendees tool to share the new date

That's it! All the attendees who were previously registered for your old date are now registered for your new date.

New Date in the Works?

If a new date isn't locked down yet, use our Email Your Attendees tool to let them know more information will be coming soon. Once a new date is in place, send out another email to update them.

There is generally a 90 day grace period for re-scheduling. If the due date is reached without a new event date being set, tickets will be cancelled and a fee assessed. 

Attendee Contact Info

If you would like your ticket buyers' contact information for future use, download a copy of your Complete List from the Reports menu. Once the cancellation is processed, this data will no longer be reflected in your reports.

Cancellation Fees

Fee breakdowns can be found on our pricing page.

If the event is cancelled, an invoice may be added to your Brown Paper Tickets account for the cancellation fee when processing via our Credit Card Processor or a Custom Merchant Account.

PayPal Standard

Brown Paper Tickets will not invoice you for the PayPal cancellation fee. The service fee that was collected via PayPal at the time of purchase covers this.


Refunds should be offered to anyone that can not make the new event date, time, or location. How refunds are initiated varies based on the processor used to collect payment.

Brown Paper Tickets Credit Card Processor

Please refer all refund requests for postponed events to us. We will issue full refunds to buyers, including service fees.

Refunding buyers independently can lead to duplicate refunds as well as reduced or delayed event payments.

Custom Credit Card Processors

We can handle most refunds through custom credit card processors, however each custom merchant provider has different time-frames that allow a third-party vendor to process refunds. If we are no longer able to process a refund due to these constraints, we will forward the refund request to your public contact information.

PayPal Standard

PayPal refunds must be issued through your PayPal account. For more information see: Issue Refunds Via PayPal. If you refund an order, just let us know so we may cancel the corresponding ticket(s).