Brown Paper Tickets Secured Funds Program

Starting on August 1, 2023, Brown Paper Tickets launched the Secured Funds Program. 

While our focus on providing an accessible platform with low fees and outstanding support to our clients and customers will stay the same, we have made some changes to our accounting and banking processes. 

These long-awaited adjustments to our operations will ensure reliable and timely payments to Event Organizers using the Brown Paper Tickets Credit Card Processor after their completed events.

We welcome this opportunity to improve our operations and create additional security for event organizers in order to be prepared for whatever the future holds. 

What Does This Mean for Me as an Event Organizer?

The process of creating event listings with Brown Paper Tickets hasn’t changed.

If you select the Brown Paper Tickets Credit Card Processor as the payment method for your event, you'll need to complete the information in the Financial Settings page for your account. You can find more instructions here.

Once you provide us with your payment information through the secure Financial Settings page in your Brown Paper Tickets account, we'll issue your payment via ACH Direct Deposit after your event has taken place. 

If you have already provided your banking information to Brown Paper Tickets to receive ACH Direct Deposit payments, you don’t need to do anything further.

Payments are initiated within 10 business days after the completion of your event date, and may take up to two business days to become available after the ACH payment has been initiated.

If your organization is unable to use ACH Direct Deposit, please contact us at for more information and options.

If you already work with a custom credit card processor, or need access to your funds before the event takes place, we continue to offer the option to add your own credit card processor.

How Does the Secured Funds Program Work? 

In a model unique to the industry, Brown Paper Tickets has partnered with our credit card processor and bank to ensure that the funds from your ticket sales remain segregated and held until after your event takes place.

After the completion of the event, the full face value of tickets sold is transferred to you via ACH Direct Deposit.