Hidden Service Fees with Tax for Door Sales

Prices configured to include the service fee and collect tax are not available for sale via Sell Tickets, and will not display within the tool.

A warning will pop up to alert you to any such configured prices on your event.

Tickets with hidden service fees are not visible because this event assesses sales tax.

Two solutions are available if you would like to offer these tickets via the Sell Tickets tool.

Add New Prices for Door Sales

New prices with the service fee paid by buyers will be accessible via the Sell Tickets tool.

When deciding the price point of you new door prices, keep in mind that the service fee will be added for all credit sales, though no service fee will be collected for cash or check payments.

Note: If your event is still open for sale online, we recommend hiding your prices with a password to prevent confusion on your public selling page.

How to Add a Door Price

Follow the instructions to Add an Admission Price

  • Use the Advance Price Options to set the Service Fee to "Added to Price"
  • Set Display Publicly to "After user enters this password" and choose a placeholder

Edit Your Existing Prices' Service Fee Settings

If your event's online sales have ended and/or you would like to collect the service fee added to the price, then the service fee can be changed. Once updated, prices will be available via the Sell Tickets tool.

How to Change the Service Fee Setting

Follow the instructions to Edit Admission Levels

  • Set the Service Fee to "Added to Price"