Create an Event Series

Creating a series of virtual or in person events? Event series generally fall into two categories: one event spanning several dates, or recurring "drop-in" classes or performances.

Ongoing Event with Multiple Sessions

If the event is ongoing with the same participants, like a three-part class on birdwatching, you'll want to set up ticket prices that grant your registrant access to the full series.

Event Date(s)

  • The event date should begin and end with the first scheduled meeting.
  • Online events: If your content is recorded, the event date should span when it first becomes available to when it is no longer accessible. 

Event Full Description

Individual dates, times, and access instructions should be added to the event's Full Description and Notes for Attendees so registrants know exactly how and when they can attend the event.

Drop-In / Repeating Events 

When setting up repeating events, assess what event and date configuration makes the most sense. 

  • Is the content similar for each date and time? For example, a yoga class held twice a week offering individual class purchases? Create one event with multiple dates. 
  • Does the content change slightly from date to date? Like a pasta making class and a pizza making class? Create one event, then duplicate it.

Option 1 - One Event with Multiple Dates

If you are offering an ongoing event with "drop-in" style pricing, there is no need to create separate events. Just create a core event with any relevant details about access or needed equipment. Once you have your details filled in, add a date for each access time. 

Pro Tip: Build off this initial event by adding new dates as you schedule them. If you have an existing event, see Add Dates to Your Event for instructions. 

Option 2 - Duplicate Events

If every online event you are hosting is a little different, you still don't need to start from scratch. Take advantage of the Duplicate Your Event tool. It saves time, and only a few updates will be needed before submitting the event. See Use a Past Event as a New Event Template for step-by-step instructions.  

Advertising Dates 

Be sure to check out our event calendar suggestion in Create a Public Profile Calendar for Recurring  Events—it's ideal for repeating online series.

Payment Processing 

Want to collect payment as it rolls in? See Get Paid Upfront for Your Event