Search Orders Tool

Search Orders is a valuable tool for troubleshooting issues with orders or tickets at the door. This function will allow you to locate specific orders and print or re-print them if necessary. For customers who have lost or forgotten their tickets, this feature may come in handy.

How to Use the Search Orders Tool

  1. Log in to your Brown Paper Tickets account
  2. From the Box Office menu, select Search Orders
  3. There are two separate options to locate an order:
    1. Providing the Ticket ID (Ticket Number)
    2. Providing the Event Name AND Attendee Name
Note: While this function suggests you need both, selecting just the event name and clicking the “Search” button will generate a list of all attendees for that event.

Search Results

Once you've generated a list of search results, each entry will be listed with a fairly comprehensive list of related data:

  • Event Name & Attendee Name
  • Barcode ID for the ticket
  • Price Name & Value
  • Seat Section, Row and Number (if the event is assigned seating)
  • Whether it has been scanned

How to Print Tickets

There will be a clickable link to the right of each listing that will say Print or Re-print. Clicking this link will generate a .pdf file of the ticket.

Checking In Attendees

Guests can be checked in by checking the box in line with their ticket and clicking the Admit button at the bottom of the page.

Note: Using the Admit button may not allow tickets to be un-admited. If you are using this feature for security and are allowing guests to leave and re-enter, we suggest using the Manage Mobile Scanning interface to manually scan orders instead.