Use Your Own Credit Card Processor and Get a Rebate

Brown Paper Tickets pays the full ticket revenue plus an additional rebate of 2.5% of the ticket value when processing transactions through PayPal Payments Standard or a Custom Merchant Account.

To learn about your credit card processing options via Brown Paper Tickets, see: Add Your Credit Card Processor 

What is the Rebate for? 

PayPal and Custom Credit Card Processors charge fees on their end to process payments. Our 2.5% rebate is meant to help offset those costs.  

How Does it Work? 

At the time of purchase, the full sale amount of the ticket + the service fee is deposited into your processor account. 

Service Fee Currency Rates

  • USD: ($1.49 + 6%)
  • CAD ($1.99 + 6%)
  • GBP (£0.99 + 6%)
  • Euro (€0.99 + 6%)
  • See our Pricing Page for other currencies 

PayPal Standard 

If you are using PayPal Payments Standard, an automatic payment of the currency rate + 3.5% per ticket is sent to Brown Paper Tickets. The full ticket value + 2.5% remains in your PayPal account. 

Custom Credit Card Processor

At the end of the event, an invoice for the currency rate + 3.5% will be added to your Brown Paper Tickets account as a "Service Fee Repayment." The full ticket value and 2.5% rebate remain with you.