Set the Timezone on Your Event

Making sure your event is set to the correct timezone is important for ensuring that sales start and end when intended. Online events display the timezone prominently on the event page, and purchasers rely on this information to log in for the event at their correct local time. Brown Paper Tickets event timezones are set automatically during event creation using the event's location details.

Set a City Name

Brown Paper Tickets establishes an event's timezone by checking the details on the event's Location page against a database of recognized zip or postal codes and city names. To ensure the event is created with the correct timezone, add the official city or community name associated with a zip or postal code during event creation.

For US locations, our database uses city names based on USPS zip code information. If you're unsure of the formal city name associated with your zip, a quick web search for the zip code should tell you the correct city or community name to enter.

Set Default Settings for Your Events

You can ensure your events are created with consistent location and timezone information by adding default settings for your events via the Account Settings page - just update the information under Event Details > Location.

Incorrect Timezone Listed

If you notice your event does not list the correct timezone, contact us for help updating it.