Add/Edit a Questionnaire to the Checkout Page

Do you need to collect additional information as your ticket buyers complete their orders?  You can create a questionnaire and prompt attendees to answer. Keep in mind that your ticket buyers will have 15 minutes before the cart expires to complete the questionnaire and their order, so we recommend keeping it brief.

Responses will be available in the Complete List view in your Attendee List report.

How to Add a Questionnaire

  1. Log in to your Brown Paper Tickets account
  2. From the Account menu, select Manage Your Events
  3. Select the blue button Go! next to the event
  4. From the dark gray bar select Questionnaire
  5. Add a Question in the white box
  6. Select if the question is Required or Optional for your attendees

    Please note that questions will not appear during checkout on our Mobile site, so consider removing Mobile Delivery as a ticket option if your questionnaire information is required.

  7. Select an Answer type via the drop-down menu
  8. Click the blue Add This Question button

How to Re-Order the Questions and Edit

  1. Scroll down the Questionnaire page to view your Current Questions
  2. Click the up or down buttons to re-order
  3. Click Edit to adjust a question or the available answers

    If you edit a question or answer option after buyers have already responded, you might change the context of the question and invalidate past responses.  We recommend that all questions be proofread and edited before sales begin to prevent confusion.

  4. Click Turn Off to hide the question from future purchasers while retaining all the existing responses to the question
  5. Click Remove to delete a question and all of the responses that have been recorded

    Once a question has been removed, the data is gone.  Please be sure to download any existing responses that you might need from the Complete List report before removing questions.