Your Account Journal

Brown Paper Tickets offers several reporting options for insight into your event sales and account reconciliation.

The Account Journal provides information about: 

  • Event payments for sales processed through the Brown Paper Tickets credit card processor
  • Transaction details for sales processed through your own credit card processors
  • Your Account Balance

How to Access Your Account Journal

  1. Log in to your Brown Paper Tickets account
  2. From the Reports menu, select Account Journal

Print and Download links are located in the top right corner of the report.

How to Read the Account Journal

Select a Currency and Payment Processor from the Currency drop down menu and click Show Transactions.

Brown Paper Tickets Credit Card Processor

  1. Entry Date - the date the transaction was created
  2. Event Payment - the total event payment value that was allocated to your account from ticket sales for your recent event date, to be processed in the next payment cycle
    1. Click the blue event title hyperlink to view the payment's associated Event Report
    2. Multiple Event Payments may be bundled together in a single Producer Payment
  3. Producer Payment - when a payment is being processed
    1. Checks are mailed within 10 business days of each event date
    2. Direct Deposits ($ - ACH, € - SEPA, or £ - BACS) are initiated within 10 business days of each event date, and take about 2 business days to become available
  4. Payment ID - memo or check number for the payment transaction

Your Own Credit Card Processor

  1. Line items indicate completed purchases for each individual ticket order processed
  2. Entry Date - the date the order was placed
  3. Event Name - the event or events for which tickets were purchased in that order
  4. Payment ID - the transaction ID returned to our system from your merchant account

Account Balance

The Balance column reflects the total value in your Brown Paper Tickets account for the selected date range, including:

  • Any upcoming allocated payments
  • Any debits or deductions made for fees, bulk orders, shipping costs, approved post payment refunds, etc.