When You Need to Cancel an Event

Life happens and sometimes an event is unable to go ahead as planned. Our staff is here to help process your event cancellation. But first, take these preliminary steps.

How to Cancel Your Event

  1. Log in to your Brown Paper Tickets account and End Sales for all cancelled performances.
  2. Email your attendees to let them know what has happened. Include the following:
    1. Is there another event ticket holders can attend?  Direct them to contact us and we'll help facilitate the ticket exchange.
    2. Is the event fully cancelled with no future performance?  Let them know when and how to expect refunds. Significant event changes entitle ticket buyers to a full refund per our terms and conditions.

PayPal Refunds

All PayPal refunds will need to be issued directly from your PayPal account. Please share the best way for ticket buyers to reach you directly for refunds via PayPal.

Brown Paper Tickets staff will handle all refunds for orders paid through the Brown Paper Tickets credit card processor and fully integrated CMAs. Customers can expect refunds to settle in 3 - 5 business days.

Attendee Contact Info

If you would like your ticket buyers' contact information for future use, download a copy of your Complete List from the Reports menu. Once the cancellation is processed, this data will no longer be reflected in your reports.

Cancellation Fees

Our Credit Card Processor/Custom Merchant Account

An invoice will be added to your Brown Paper Tickets account for the cancellation fee.

PayPal Standard

Brown Paper Tickets will not invoice you for the PayPal cancellation fee. The service fee that was collected via PayPal at the time of purchase covers this.

Fee breakdowns can be found on our pricing page.