View Seating Chart and Available Seats

If your event has assigned seating, you may need to refer to a visual representation of the chart at various points during your event. First, our tech team will need you to review and confirm chart accuracy before ticket sales can begin. Once the event is on sale, view the chart periodically to check seat availability and general fill.

How to View the Seating Chart

  1. Log in to your Brown Paper Tickets account
  2. Under the Reports Menu, select Attendee Lists
  3. Select the event from the drop down menu
  4. Click Select Event
  5. Click Chart from the column that lists 5 blue links
    Door List   Complete List   Name Tags   Seat List   [Chart]
  6. Hover the cursor over a seat to reveal the section, row, and number

    If your event is already on sale, any sold/reserved seats will be indicated in orange.

Important Points to Review for Chart Approval

  • SECTIONS - Any missing or extra sections? Are they named correctly? Are they divided how you like?
  • SEATS & ROWS - Correct number of seats, number and letter designations?
  • WHEELCHAIR & WHEELCHAIR COMPANION - Present and marked appropriately?

If you add dates or prices to your event after sales have begun, please contact us right away so we can ensure the configuration is complete and that seats will be assigned to all your ticket buyers.

Changes After Event Approval

Changes to a chart after sales have begun will be made at the discretion of Brown Paper Tickets. The event may be temporarily deactivated as orders are moved, and we will charge a Chart Revision Fee. To avoid the fee, we ask that all updates to charts are made before event approval.