Add Passwords to Prices

Treat loyal fans to an exclusive discount. Set up a price that ticket buyers will only see when they enter the password you've created.

Brown Paper Tickets offers two options to conceal the view of discounted prices: passwords and member discount codes. Passwords have no limit on the number of times they can be used, but only one password may be set up per price. Member discount codes may only be used for a set number of tickets per code, but you may set up as many individualized codes as you like. Learn how to set up member discount codes.

Add a Price and Password

  1. Log in to your account. From the Account menu, select Manage Your Events
  2. Find your event title and select Go!
  3. Choose Dates & Prices from the dark gray bar. Scroll down to Add a Price

    Already have a price? Keep scrolling down and click "edit or delete" to the right of the price under Your Current Dates and Prices. Skip to Step 6.

  4. Enter the Price Name and Price Description in the fields provided
  5. Access the blue Show Advanced Price Options link
  6. Under Price Limitations > Display Publicly, select After User Enters This Password
    1. Passwords should contain letters and numbers only.  No spaces or special characters.
  7. Enter the Password you want ticket buyers to use when they buy their tickets
  8. Tap the blue +Add This Price button at the bottom of the box
  9. Scroll down to view newly added prices beneath Your Dates & Prices

    If multiple admission levels use the same password, the ticket prices will all be displayed when ticket buyers enter that password.

    Passwords are not case sensitive.