Edit Your Event Date(s)

Need to make a change to the settings selected for your event/performance date? No problem.  Follow the steps below to select or remove delivery methods available to attendees, adjust the date/time, online sales max limit, or the online sales cut-off.

How To Edit Your Event Dates

    1. Log in to your Brown Paper Tickets account
    2. From the Account Menu, select Manage Your Events
    3. Click Go! next to the event's title
    4. Select the Dates & Prices tab from the dark gray bar
    5. Scroll down to Your Dates & Prices
    6. In line with the date, click the blue Edit button
    7. The date box will expand to display several options.  Make the desired changes within this Edit Date window.

      If you're changing the performance start date or time after tickets have been purchased, make sure to notify your attendees so everyone is in the loop.

      Un-check the box to remove that ticket delivery option from your event, or check the box to make that method available to your attendees.

      Note: If changing an event's sales end time to 0 hours before an event date begins, buyers can purchase tickets up until the event is scheduled to start. Pay special attention to delivery methods offered - for example, if using Will Call, last minute buyers may not be listed on the event's printed Will Call list.

    8. Click Save Changes
    9. Repeat steps for additional dates (if applicable)