Social Media Tips for Event Promotion

Building a solid following with loyal fans takes time, creativity, and patience. Leverage your social posts and grab your fans' attention with these tips:

Engage Your Audience

  • Comment on posts and get discussions going among your followers. Interact on social platforms and show your fun side, not just business.
  • Ask questions. Don't make it all about promoting your event; show a real interest in your users.
  • Switch up what you share to keep your content fresh. Consider running a photo caption contest or a giveaway for tickets to your event.

Post Content That Adds Value

  • Images of people, stories, and reels attract attention and tap into the algorithm. Use these to redirect people to your Facebook event and/or your Brown Paper Tickets event page.
  • Post clever, short statements that allude to the content being linked to, but don’t completely give it away.
  • When posting, keep it light, authentic, and playful if appropriate for your organization.  

Grab Attention

Clever writing will get more engagement. Be specific and have fun with it.

😑 “We are putting on a comedy show tonight and we hope you make it!”
😉 “Ready to sip wine, connect with friends, and laugh 'til it hurts?
See our comedy show tonight. Buy tickets now.”

Use Links to Your Advantage

It helps to come up with a list of links to share. Avoid thinking of your posts as reminders about the event. Imagine them as informational, so that you're revealing another aspect about the event with each new post.
  1. A Facebook event link
  2. Your Brown Paper Tickets event link
  3. Any media coverage about your event
  4. Articles or coverage of performers in your production
  5. News relevant to your event in some way

Other Linking Tips:

  • Use a link shortener to track traffic and make it easy for others to share your social posts. Try a URL shortener site such as or
  • To maximize your reach, post from as many different sources as possible. This includes the personal pages of artists, their artist pages, as well as the event page.
  • Whenever it's appropriate, be sure to link to other pages in your posts.
  • If you mention an artist in a post, use the @ sign to tag them and create a direct link to their profile.

Facebook Post Image Issue? 

If your image is not appearing on Facebook when linking to a Brown Paper Tickets event page, we recommend resizing your original image and re-upload it to your event page. Square or portrait-shaped images are more likely to appear successfully in Facebook posts.