3 Instagram Tips for Event Promotion

Instagram is the go-to social media platform for visual content. Showcase your brand and promote your event by boosting engagement with your audience.

1. Use A Business Account

Create a separate Instagram account for your event/business. For brand continuity, you want your content streamlined from one professional account. Cross-promoting your business account on your personal profile is okay too. Post relevant, quality images that provoke interest and intrigue.

Pro Tips

  • Keep your account looking cohesive, professional, and engaging. Make consistent choices for your posts' color schemes, filters, and image aesthetic. 
  • Draw inspiration from similar successful accounts and your favorite influencers.

2. Utilize Stories and Reels

It's no longer just about the Grid - Stories and Reels should not be overlooked. These are great tools to engage with your customers and can be a playful, thoughtful extension of your brand. This is the ideal option when you wish to have a little fun and get creative.

Pro Tips

  • Share your event link anytime you can! While links are not supported in posts or comments, you can link directly to your event or website using the link sticker option.
  • Use stories to create polls, launch a countdown to your event, or pose questions to your followers.

3. Speak to Your Audience 

Engagement is a key component to successful Instagram marketing. Commenting on relevant images within specific hashtags will get you noticed by potential followers. They will see the comment, view your account, and may choose to follow you based on your (excellent) content.

Research your target audience and relevant hashtags for your event. Hash-tagging your images with precision and intent will build followers and get your event noticed.

Pro Tip

When selecting hashtags and branding your content, ask yourself:

  • What hashtags are the most relevant to my event?
  • What are some techniques that my favorite successful accounts utilize?