3 Instagram Tips for Event Promotion

These days, Instagram is the go-to social media platform for event promotion and engagement. Brand yourself like a pro with these best practices:

1. Business Account

Create a separate Instagram account for your event/business. For brand continuity, you want your content streamlined from one professional account. Promoting your business account on your personal accounts is okay too. Post relevant quality images that provoke interest and intrigue.

Pro Tip

Come up with a theme or angle to promote your event/account to potential followers. Draw inspiration from your favorite influencers or research similar successful accounts. 

For example: choose a consistent color scheme, filter, and image angle aesthetic. This will keep your account looking cohesive, professional, and interesting.

2. Bio Link

Instagram limits sales capabilities, so you won't be able to link to a page directly. The best way is to post a link to your event page in your account's profile bio, and direct people to it in your post.

Pro Tip

Including the words "link in bio" on every post is the best way to share the link.

3. Speak to Your Audience 

Engagement is a key component to successful Instagram marketing. Commenting on relevant images within specific hashtags will get you noticed by potential followers. They will see the comment, view your account, and may choose to follow you based on your (excellent) content.

Research your target audience and relevant hashtags for your event. Hash-tagging your images with precision and intent will build followers and get your event noticed.

Pro Tip

When selecting Hashtags and branding your content, ask yourself:

What hashtags are the most relevant to my event?

What are some techniques that my favorite successful accounts utilize?