Manage Tiered Ticket Releases for Your Event

Price Tiering is a feature designed to automatically release tickets at a new price level once another price level has sold out. Only one price will appear at a time, keeping everything nice and neat on the event page.

Price Tiering is often used to encourage early purchasing.

For example, let's say our event has 3 admission levels:

  • Tier One - $10.00 (max sales of 100)
  • Tier Two - $20.00 (max sales 500)
  • Tier Three - $30.00 (max sales - unlimited)

If we tier these prices, the first 100 buyers would score a $10 ticket, the next 500 would get a $20 ticket, and the rest would pay $30. The prices would increase automatically, without you needing to monitor sales and make adjustments.

How to Enable Price Tiering

  1. Log in to your Brown Paper Tickets account
  2. From the Account menu, select Manage Your Events
  3. Click Go! next to the event's title
  4. Select the Dates & Prices tab from the dark gray bar
  5. Scroll down to Your Dates & Prices
  6. In line with a price, click the blue Edit or Delete Price link
  7. Locate the Price Limitations section
  8. Under Price Tiering select
  9. From the drop down menu, select the price that should be sold out before this price becomes available
  10. Click Save Changes
  11. Repeat for additional prices as needed