Create Sliding Scale or Pay What You Like Admission Prices

Not sure what to charge for admission? Let attendees choose an admission level that works for them by setting up sliding scale or flexible pricing on your event. You can even allow your guests to contribute more than the listed price.

You may add individual price levels at set increments (for example, a $5 admission level, a $10 admission level, a $15 level, and so on). Attendees will be able to select from these price levels.

Alternatively, you can use the variable price type setting to create a single admission level for customers to self-select the value they'll pay for admission.

How to Add a Variable Price

  1. Log in to your Brown Paper Tickets account
  2. From the Account menu, select Manage Your Events
  3. Click Go! next to the event title
  4. Select the Dates & Prices tab from the dark gray bar
  5. Scroll down to Add a Price
  6. Enter the Price Name
    • Example: "Pay What You Like" or "Sliding Scale"
  7. Enter the Price Value as the minimum accepted amount
    • This allows patrons to contribute whatever they wish above the minimum
  8. Enter a Price Description, if desired
    • Example: "Support Our School" or "Contribute Generously"
  9. Click the Show Advanced Price Options link
  10. Under the "Price Type", Choose Variable Price
  11. Click the blue + Add This Price button
  12. View new prices beneath Your Dates & Prices

Did You Know?

Using the top-level Add A Price box will add that price to all dates that have been created for the event. Learn how to add a price to a specific date here.