Add a Price to One Date Out of Many

The top-level Add A Price box in your event management tools will apply that price to every single date on the event.  If you have a special price option that should only be available for one performance out of many, you'll want to create that price level through the date itself.

How to Add a Price to a Single Date

  1. Log in to your Brown Paper Tickets account
  2. From the Account menu, select Manage Your Events
  3. Click Go! next to the event title
  4. Select the Dates & Prices tab from the dark gray bar
  5. Scroll down to Your Dates & Prices
  6. In line with the date that has a special admission level, select the blue Edit or Delete button
  7. Choose the blue Add a Price button beneath the other date settings
  8. Enter the Price Name & Price (or value)
    1. Review and set any other advanced settings that you wish to enable for this special price, like a limited sales period or password
  9. Click the Add Price To This Date button
  10. View newly added prices beneath Your Dates & Prices

    Any new dates that you add to the event later will automatically "pick up" this new price (and any other price levels on other dates). Keep an eye out and "delete" extra prices from dates that are ineligible.