Add a Donation Option to Your Event Page

You can add an extra donation option to any event on our site, or create a page just to collect donations.  This tool is exempt from the Brown Paper Tickets service fee, and works by collecting donations directly through your PayPal or Custom Merchant account.

Please Note: This tool is meant for additional donations only, and does not generate tickets or add purchaser names to your Attendee List. 

How to Add a Donation to Your Event

  1. Log in to your Brown Paper Tickets account
  2. From the Account Menu, select Manage Your Events
  3. Click Go! next to the event title
  4. Select the Dates & Prices tab from the dark gray bar
  5. Scroll down to Add a Price
  6. Enter the Price Name and Price (value)
  7. Click the blue Show Advanced Price Options link
  8. Under Sale Type, select Donation
  9. Under Price Type, select
    1. Fixed Price if you want contributions to be exactly the price/value indicated, or
    2. Variable Price to let purchasers enter any amount they wish (above the min you set as the price/value)
  10. Click the +Add This Price button
  11. Scroll down to view newly added prices beneath Your Dates & Prices

Did You Know?

Using the top-level Add A Price box will add that price to all dates that have been created for the event. Learn how to add a price to a specific date here.