Create Group Discount Pricing

Do you want to offer a lower price level for groups? We've got you covered with our advanced price settings.

How to Set Up a Group Price

* These instructions will help you turn an existing price into a group price.  To create a brand new group price, enter price name and value in the Add a Price box, click Advanced Price Settings, and skip to step 6.1.

  1. Log into your Brown Paper Tickets account
  2. From the Account menu, select Manage Your Events
  3. Click Go! next to the event title
  4. Select the Dates & Prices tab from the dark gray bar
  5. Scroll down to Your Dates & Prices
  6. Click the Edit link to the far right of the intended group price
    1. Under Price Settings, edit the Price field to reflect the cost of a single admission when the discount has been applied
    2. In the right column, edit the Min Per Order to reflect the number of tickets needed to meet the group requirement
      Example: 10% Discount for Groups of 10+
      If your full price is $20 and groups should receive a 10% discount, set the Group Price ticket value to $18

      Now, set the Min Per Order to 10. Attendees must now select a quantity of at least 10 before they can proceed through checkout at the discounted rate.
  7. It's always good to add an explanation of the discounted rate in the Price Description field so attendees have clear expectations.
  8. Click Save Changes

Here is a sample event with examples of table pricing and other group price combinations: Group Pricing Demo Event