Upload a Photo to Your Event Page

Stand out and attract more attendees with an image or graphic on your event page. Use any image format, other than pdf.

How to Upload a Photo to Your Event Page

  1. Log in to your Brown Paper Tickets account

  2. Select the Account Menu from the upper left
  3. Select Manage Your Events

  4. You will see a list of your events

  5. Select the blue Go! button next to the event you want to work on
  6. Select the Look & Feel tab/page from the dark gray bar
  7. Under Images, click on Choose File and open the image in any format, other than PDF

    The Choose File prompt may be named something slightly different, depending on your browser

  8. Select the blue button +Add This Image. Your image will now appear under Current Images

    If you add more than one image, the one labeled "default" will be the thumbnail when your event appears on our search page.  Click "default" next to a different image to change the thumbnail.