Help Get Sponsors: Generate More Money for Your Events

Help Get Sponsors is the first fully integrated tool that takes you from prospecting sponsors to event day. We understand what it takes to sell sponsorships for small and medium-sized events and have fully automated the tools we've used successfully for over a decade.

Why Choose Help Get Sponsors?

The #1 Sponsorship Sales Solution

Help Get Sponsors is the leading sponsorship sales solution for events, conferences, and more. The platform is designed to streamline and enhance the entire sponsorship process, ensuring you generate the maximum revenue for your events. Tailored for small and medium-sized events, it addresses unique challenges to help attract and retain sponsors.


  • Streamlined Prospecting: Identify and reach out to potential sponsors quickly.
  • Automated Tools: Save time with automated sponsorship sales tasks.
  • Increased Revenue: Maximize sponsorship income with proven strategies.
  • Comprehensive Support: Access support and resources from start to finish.

How It Works

  • Enter Sponsors: Enter prospective sponsor details used to auto-fill proposals, agreements, and activation calendars.
  • Build Event: Configure your event sponsorship offering from our robust library of options.
  • Propose & Agree: Send and track proposals and agreements directly from your account.
  • Activate: Facilitate a successful sponsorship using an activation calendar that details sponsor instructions and deadlines.
  • Event Day: Ensure all sponsor commitments are met and deliver a successful event.

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