Search for Specific Types of Events

Brown Paper Tickets hosts a variety of types of events internationally. Here are some tips to help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

The best place to start is on our Find an Event page. Here you can narrow down your search through a variety of criteria like location, date, and prices. 


By default, you are searching all categories. This can help you narrow it down if you have your heart set on a specific type of event, like Music > Bluegrass. 

Online Events 

When you select "Online Events Only" our ever-growing list of online events becomes available. The bonus to an online event is that you can attend from almost anywhere! 

Tip: Be sure to check the events location or description for important timezone information.

Event Designations - Age

Brown Paper Tickets is happy to provide a ticketing platform for a diverse group of events. We also recognize that some content may not be appropriate for underage users. 

Our Event Organizers have the opportunity to designate their events as one of the following.

  • Age Restrictions
  • Not Kid Friendly
  • Adult Content 

For more information on these classifications, see Designate Your Event as Age-Restricted, Unsuitable for Children, or Adult Content

Looking for all the options?

To view everything, including events marked Adult Content, be sure to select Include Adult Events.

Looking for a child friendly event?

Just select Kid Friendly under Additional Options