Embed a Live Stream on Your Event Page

There are two ways to connect your live stream to your Brown Paper Tickets event page.

  1. Embed the live stream video using the embed code provided by the streaming platform.
  2. Add a hyperlink to the live stream's unique URL.

These recommendations are for free live stream events with tips or donations. If you are interested in online presales with locked content, see Strategies for Online Events. 

Embed a Video

Embedding your video will allow attendees to view your live stream right from your Brown Paper Tickets event page. This way, attendees will have easy access to make contributions throughout the live event.

Just copy the embed code that's generated when you start your live stream and add it to the full description of your event. 

Facebook Live

You can copy and paste a Facebook embed code right into your event description. Instructions are included in their article: How do I go live on Facebook using streaming software?

YouTube Live

You can embed a YouTube video right into event description too. Click on the arrow share icon below the live stream, and then on Embed. Paste the code directly into your event description. For more help topics, check out their Live Stream on YouTube help page.

Hyperlink to a Unique URL

If you would prefer to use a hyperlink, or are using another live service, our event descriptions support the HTML code below.

<a href="URL FOR LINK">link text</a>