Decide Which Ticket Delivery Options Work Best for Your Event

One of the many choices event organizers have to make is selecting a ticket delivery method to offer attendees.  Going paperless?  Choose "will call" as the only delivery option for the event.  Need patrons to have their tickets in hand as they arrive? Offer any combination of print-at-home, mobile, or physical tickets (delivered by postal mail). 

Here are some things to consider:

Physical Tickets ONLY

For a speedy and secure admissions process, we understand that it is appealing to only allow customers to receive tickets via postal mail. However, as your event draws near, the window for expected delivery gets smaller. We mail physical tickets with 72 hours via USPS First Class or UK Royal Mail at no additional cost to you or your attendees, but this free option can take up to (or sometimes longer than!) 10 days for delivery.

To ensure that patrons are likely to receive their tickets in time for an event, we automatically end the free delivery option 7 days before the event.  At that point, customers are required to pay extra for expedited shipping if they wish to purchase in advance. Delivery estimates are provided by the postal carrier and there is no guarantee of timely delivery.

For more on delivery fees, please see our pricing list (consistent with USPS and UK Royal Mail postage rates).

Last Minute Will-Call

Please note that we do require you to accept a potential "last minute will-call" list so that we can help confirmed purchasers get admitted to your event even when the mail lets them down.  

Best Of Both Worlds

If you need to have as many patrons arrive with physical tickets as possible but you don't want to penalize last-minute buyers, you have a few options.

  • End ticket sales early
    • You can choose to cut off the online ticket sales when the free delivery method ends.  Simply log in to your account about a week before the event date and end sales for the date.
  • Add other delivery options for you last-minute buyers (when the free physical option ends)
    • Log in to your account and edit the date when you're ready to make the switch.  In the date-editing window, un-check the box for Physical tickets and check the box(es) for any combination of Will-Call, Print-At-Home, or Mobile
  • Add information on your event page letting last-minute purchasers know if tickets will be available at the door, and what time they should arrive to buy in person.

Print-at-Home Tickets

Free and convenient delivery method.  Includes unique barcodes on every ticket.  Learn more about validating ticket authenticity with our scanning app in this article.