Select Seats for Assigned Seating Events

When the event you're going to has assigned seating, you may have the option to choose specific seats during your ticket purchase.

How To Choose Specific Seats During Checkout

  1. From the event page, select the date, admission level, and quantity of tickets you wish to purchase
  2. Select Add to Cart
  3. Review the map of the venue’s layout

    A key to the left indicates the different seating sections. Your assigned seats will be clearly marked in orange on the map

  4. If you are satisfied with these seats, select Next and proceed to checkout
  5. If you would like the system to assign new seats, select Assign New Seats.
  6. When the system has selected seats you would like, select Next
  7. If you would rather choose your own seats, tap Let Me Choose My Seats. Deselect any seats you do not want by clicking on the checkmark inside the orange box
  8. Click the white space in another box to select that seat instead.  Select as many seats as the quantity of tickets you requested.
  9. When you have finished selecting your new seats, select the Save Seats button on the bottom right