Connect Your Brown Paper Tickets Account with MailChimp

Create a List in MailChimp

  1. Create a MailChimp account if you don't have one.
    Use the same email address as the one you use with your Brown Paper Tickets account
  2. Now you can make a list of your email contacts
  3. In your MailChimp account, select Lists in the menu at the top
  4. Select the gray Create List button at the top far right
  5. Fill out the fields. Change your list name and campaign defaults, including the format your list will receive email under Settings
    We recommend allowing your mail list to choose between plain text and HTML

Import Attendees' Email Addresses

  1. Login to your Brown Paper Tickets account
  2. Move the cursor over Reports at the top of the page and select Attendee Lists
  3. Select your event from the drop down menu and tap Select Event
  4. Locate the shaded box with the Complete List, select Complete List
  5. Select Download in the shaded box. Download and import these emails into MailChimp