Redeem a Password or Discount Code

Lucky you! You received a special password or discount code to purchase tickets to an event.

Note: Codes are case sensitive.

How to Use Your Code

  1. Go to the event
  2. Click the blue Enter Password or Discount Code link
  3. Enter your password or code
  4. Click Show Available Tickets or Enter on your keyboard Screen_Shot_2022-01-27_at_1.43.18_PM.png
  5. One or more new price levels will appear highlighted in yellow
  6. Select the quantity of tickets from the drop-down menu
  7. Click the orange Add to Cart buttonScreen_Shot_2022-01-27_at_1.49.03_PM.png

Code Not Working?

If the code is not working, you may want to reach out to the Event Organizer to confirm the code you have is correct.